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Hi, I’m Kathy! Welcome to Queen’s Educational Resources.

Welcome to a rich collection of resources designed to support Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and English Language Arts (ELA), complemented by culturally diverse Clipart. These materials are crafted with the purpose of fostering productive classroom discussions and communication on subjects highly relevant to today's teenagers. Our goal is to empower students with the skills they need for critical thinking, effective coping strategies, and essential life skills.


As educators, we recognize that students have diverse learning preferences. Therefore, our engaging activities are thoughtfully designed to cater to a wide range of student interests. Within our resources, you'll discover a seamless integration of key curriculum elements, particularly emphasizing SEL and ELA. Queen’s Educational Resources specializes in developing original, culturally responsive, and captivating curricula, lessons, and teaching materials, all intended to equip students with the social-emotional and life skills essential for navigating the real world.


Our resources encompass a dynamic array of content, including enjoyable activities, reading materials, writing exercises, response tasks, worksheets, lesson plans, presentations, teacher guides, assessments, and more. These educational assets are available in various digital and downloadable formats to accommodate your specific classroom requirements.


Our overarching aim is to prepare students for success in their personal relationships and interactions with others. We cover a multitude of critical topics, such as building social skills, emotional management, adopting healthy coping mechanisms for life's challenges, conflict resolution, empathy development, setting personal and social boundaries, cultivating and sustaining supportive relationships, as well as making responsible and compassionate decisions. Our resources provide students with the tools they need to navigate and conquer real-world obstacles while setting and achieving their goals. Our aspiration is to witness their confidence and abilities flourish.


The creation of these resources has been a labor of love. We are deeply passionate about authentically reaching all students and meeting their individual needs. Our activities are relatable, designed to make students feel like active participants in the discussions. These timely resources revolve around themes that resonate with our students as lived experiences. Today's teenagers require explicit instruction in communication skills, nurturing a growth mindset, and understanding relationships.


Our work has garnered recognition in various publications, both in print and online. With many years of experience as an English Language Arts teacher and a supporting role as a Peer Collaborative Teacher, we have evolved into an educational leader in our current position as a high school assistant principal.

We invite you to explore our offerings. You may find exactly what you need to create vibrant and inclusive learning experiences for your students.



My journey as an entrepreneur has ignited my passion for the profound impact of inspirational art. My mission has always been to create a highly engaging and enriching experience for everyone. While crafting my own educational resources, I discovered a treasure trove of clipart that I acquired and incorporated to enhance my educational products. Witnessing the aesthetic appeal of clipart in my own commercial-use educational resources, I was inspired to collaborate with artists and produce unique clipart for sale, allowing people to utilize them in their personal and commercial projects.

And so, Queen's Clipart Gallery was born.

Over time, I joined forces with talented artists from across the nation, including individuals such as Edward Evans (Selects Digital), Elena Gridyushko (KupalinaArt), Alina Danilova (ByArtQueen), Maria Samoshina (DigitalArtMary), and Raul Guitierrz (DesignsByJuny). I shared my ideas and visions with these creators, who brought them to life through their artistry. Once an idea took shape, I took the necessary steps to secure copyright protection, ensuring complete and full ownership of the artwork, which I then made available in my own shops. This endeavor fills me with pride as I can offer a diverse range of art to fellow creators worldwide. This art not only represents various cultures and artistic styles but also empowers creators to infuse their projects with my art.

It's essential to note that Kathy Dahdal, the owner of Queen's Educational Resources and Queen's Clipart Gallery, is the sole Copyright Owner and authorized seller of ALL clipart and artwork in my shops.

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