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Hi, I’m Kathy! Welcome to Queen’s Educational Resources.

Queen’s Educational Resources serves as a platform tailored for educators seeking a diverse array of materials addressing contemporary challenges faced by teenagers. These resources cover a spectrum of topics such as peer pressure, self-esteem, identity, bullying, social media issues, mental health, sexuality, gender identity, financial literacy, time management, prioritization, and various other internal struggles adolescents encounter. The primary focus of my resources is to assist students in navigating these real-life challenges successfully.


Recognizing that teenagers often grapple with inner thoughts in a classroom setting, it is crucial to acknowledge and engage with their concerns rather than avoiding them. This dedication to understanding and addressing the emotional and social development of young individuals in the complexities of modern society is the core mission of my business.


I am committed to delivering high-quality resources, handling sensitive topics responsibly and thoughtfully. As a high school assistant principal, a significant part of my day involves interacting with young people. Each day spent with students provides deeper insights into their lives, contributing to a better understanding reflected in the resources I offer. As I continually enhance my skillset and creativity, my goal is for these advancements to be distinctly reflected in all the products I provide.



My journey as an entrepreneur has ignited my passion for the profound impact of inspirational art. My mission has always been to create a highly engaging and enriching experience for everyone. While crafting my own educational resources, I discovered a treasure trove of clipart that I acquired and incorporated to enhance my educational products. Witnessing the aesthetic appeal of clipart in my own commercial-use educational resources, I was inspired to collaborate with artists and produce unique clipart for sale, allowing people to utilize them in their personal and commercial projects.

And so, Queen's Clipart Gallery was born.

Over time, I joined forces with talented artists from across the nation, including individuals such as Edward Evans (Selects Digital), Elena Gridyushko (KupalinaArt), Alina Danilova (ByArtQueen), Maria Samoshina (DigitalArtMary), and Raul Guitierrz (DesignsByJuny). I shared my ideas and visions with these creators, who brought them to life through their artistry. Once an idea took shape, I took the necessary steps to secure copyright protection, ensuring complete and full ownership of the artwork, which I then made available in my own shops. This endeavor fills me with pride as I can offer a diverse range of art to fellow creators worldwide. This art not only represents various cultures and artistic styles but also empowers creators to infuse their projects with my art.

It's essential to note that Kathy Dahdal, the owner of Queen's Educational Resources and Queen's Clipart Gallery, is the sole Copyright Owner and authorized seller of ALL clipart and artwork in my shops.

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