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Accountable Talk BUNDLE | Discussion Kit | Classroom Talk Tools

Accountable Talk BUNDLE | Discussion Kit | Classroom Talk Tools


Accountable Talk BUNDLE | Discussion Kit | Classroom Talk Tools


This Accountable Talk Bundle contains meaningful Accountable Talk tools to promote student collaborative talk in the classroom! These tools encourage academic, productive, active, and respectful conversations between students. These materials will provide them with varied opportunities to practice, apply, and build "new" language proficiency. These tools will also enhance their listening and speaking skills and increase rigor in the classroom!



★ Accountable Talk Bundle

★ 277 pages

★ Includes 9 products

★ PDF files (Some products include digital files, too)

★ Excellent for ALL grade levels and subject areas!

★ Some include digital versions


Products included in this Bundle:

▶️ Introduction to Accountable Talk PowerPoint Packet

▶️ Accountable Talk Discussion Trackers (Data Collection)

▶️ Accountable Talk Discussion Note-Catcher Worksheets

▶️ Accountable Talk Discussion Starters, Desk Tags, Rubric

▶️ Accountable Talk Sentence Stem Strips

▶️ Accountable Talk Reflection Sheets

▶️ Accountable Talk Speech Bubbles

▶️ Accountable Talk Posters

▶️ Reading Strategies Bookmarks



This Accountable Talk Bundle includes:


 INTRODUCTION to Accountable Talk Packet

★ Introduction to Accountable Talk PowerPoint (25 Slides)

★ 3 Accountable Talk Sentence Starter Bookmarks

★ 1 Desk Tag (Color and B&W)

★ Accountable Talk Sentence Starter Worksheet (Color and B&W)

★ 3 Student Worksheets (to follow along during presentation)

★ 2 Answer Keys/Sample Response Worksheets

★ Discussion Norms/Guidelines Posters (2 Variations)

★ 3 Google Slide Links


✅ 12 Discussion Trackers (Data Collection) Editable!

✅ 70 Rectangular Accountable Talk Stem Strips (Color and B&W) (There are 5 strips for EACH category - 14 categories X 5 sentence strips = 70 Rectangular Stem Strips in Total!) (COLOR and B&W)

✅ 4 Talking Stem Bookmarks that contain one column (5 areas of discussion)

✅ 4 Talking Stem Bookmarks that contain two columns (10 areas of discussion)

✅ 32 Accountable Talk Speech Bubbles (Rainbow and B&W)

✅ 12 Reading/Discussion Starter Bookmarks

✅ 2 Accountable Talk Desk Tags in 2 Variations (Color and B&W)

✅ 1 Accountable Talk Sentence Starter Sheet

✅ 21 Discussion Note-Catcher Graphic Organizer (2 Variations)

✅ 1 Peer Evaluation Accountable Talk Discussion Rubric in 3 Variations (Editable)

✅ 3 Accountable Talk Reflection Sheets in 2 Variations (Print and Digital)

✅ 13 Accountable Talk Posters (in 2 sizes: 8.5x11, 11x14 - PDF and JPEG)




Created by © Queen's Educational Resources / All Rights Reserved

Your purchase includes one copy to be used in a single classroom. If you are looking for multiple copies, please be sure to purchase additional licenses.



Please feel free to email me if you have any questions!


    Due to the nature of this digital product, it is not eligible for any refunds. All sales are final.

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