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Anxiety Curriculum | Anxiety Activities | Anxiety Scenarios | Emotion Control

Anxiety Curriculum | Anxiety Activities | Anxiety Scenarios | Emotion Control


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★ Suitable for Middle | High School Students
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★ Answer Keys | Sample Responses for Activity Worksheets!


This Anxiety BUNDLE includes Activity Worksheets, Scenarios, Questions


Anxiety is a common human reaction involving the mind and body, marked by feelings of uneasiness, nervousness, worry, fear, or dread about what's coming up or might happen. It acts like an internal alarm system, triggering when someone senses danger or threat. Lately, we've observed an uptick in anxiety among our students, especially teens who are dealing with various stressors.


▶️ Resource #1: Anxiety Activity Worksheets 
★ 36 Anxiety Activity Worksheets
★ Detailed Sample Responses
★ Google Slides link


This packet includes 36 Anxiety Activity Worksheets along with comprehensive Answer Keys. These worksheets offer a range of activities addressing anxiety, worry, and nervousness, offering valuable assistance in guiding your students towards practicing positive coping strategies for handling anxious feelings. 


Worksheet Topics:
⭐ Anxiety Anticipation Guide
⭐ Anxiety Self-Assessment
⭐ Exploring Personal Anxieties
⭐ Multiple Anxiety-related Reading Passages with Questions
⭐ Coping with Stressful Situations: Effective Strategies
⭐ Positive Thought Transformation
⭐ Shifting Thoughts for Anxiety Relief
⭐ Unveiling Anxiety: Laila's Journey in a New Classroom
⭐ Empathetic Texting: Supporting Anxious Friends
⭐ Anxiety Web
⭐ Coping with Anxiety: Healthy vs. Unhealthy Coping Strategies
⭐ Navigating Challenging Scenarios
⭐ Coping with Anxiety
⭐ Navigating Academic Challenges
⭐ Conquering Concerns: From Worry to Positive Perspectives
⭐ Anxiety Awareness: Identifying Triggers and Positive Responses
⭐ Coping Strategies: Navigating Anxiety and Stress in Various Scenarios
⭐ Eavesdropping Echoes: Britney's Anxiety Unveiled (Passage)
⭐ Advice Exchange: Responding Wisely to A Friend's Message
⭐ Signs of Anxiety: Physical, Emotional, Behavioral
⭐ Building Connections: The Circle Up Experience (Scenario and Q's)
⭐ Anxiety – True or False?
⭐ Combating Negative Self-Talk and Thinking
⭐ Anxiety Reflection Questions
⭐ Appropriate vs. Inappropriate Responses to Anxiety
⭐ Recognizing Stressors: Identifying Triggers in Daily Life
⭐ Exploring Anxiety: Recognizing Thoughts and Feelings
⭐ Giving Advice to an Anxious Friend
⭐ Navigating Silence in Relationships (Scenario and Q's)
⭐ Strategic Problem Solving: A Tailored Action Plan


▶️ Resource #2: Anxiety Scenario Task Cards and Worksheets
★ 60 Scenario Task Cards with and without Q's (Gradient, Purple, B&W)
★ 60 Scenario Worksheets with and without Q's
★ List of Scenarios  
★ 2 Google Slide Links 


This resource features 60 real-life scenarios covering various aspects of anxiety. Students can explore various causes of teen anxiety and practice positive coping strategies. 


This resource includes 60 Anxiety-related Scenario Task Cards. Each card presents relatable scenarios with accompanying questions. Additionally, all scenarios are provided without questions in every color variation. 


✅ Use the Anxiety Scenario Task Cards WITHOUT Questions to create your own questions and activities for scenarios. 

This comprehensive resource offers 60 Anxiety Scenario Worksheets in two variations (with and without questions).


✅ Worksheets WITH Questions
This set of scenario worksheets includes lines and questions, enabling students to write their responses. 


✅ Worksheets WITHOUT Questions
This set of scenario worksheets include lines and no questions. This format gives you the flexibility to assign your own questions or prompts for students to answer. 


▶️ List of Scenarios
Also included is a 5-page complete LIST OF SCENARIOS to allow easier access for teachers to read and select scenarios to work with. 


▶️ Resource #3: Anxiety Writing and Discussion Questions 
★ 76 Anxiety Q. Task Cards (Blue | B&W)
★ 76 Anxiety Q. Worksheets
★ List of Questions 
★ Google Slides Link


This resource features 76 thoughtful writing and discussion prompts centered around anxiety. Designed to prompt students to reflect on the nature of anxiety, its underlying causes, and effective strategies for navigating challenging situations that trigger anxiety, these questions aim to foster a deeper understanding of the subject.


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