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Context Clues Lesson, Activities, Worksheets, Assessments Bundle

Context Clues Lesson, Activities, Worksheets, Assessments Bundle


Context Clues Lesson, Activities, Worksheets, Assessments Bundle


★ Context Clues Bundle
★ Includes 10 products
★ 473 PAGES (with the PowerPoint slides)
★ Lesson Plan, Passages, PowerPoints, Practice Worksheets, Posters, Answer Keys
★ Print and Digital
★ Suitable for Grades 6-11

★ ANSWER KEYS included!


This Bundle includes the following resources:
► Context Clues Lesson and PowerPoint PACKET
► Context Clues Practice Worksheets and ANSWER KEYS
► Context Clues Text Message Worksheets and ANSWER KEYS
► Context Clues Test and PowerPoint
► Context Clues Task Card Packet
► Multiple-Choice Test and KEY
► Context Clues Posters


Context Clues Reading Passage Packets

▶️ Context Clues - "A Moment of Doubt"

▶️ Context Clues - "I'm A Bully"

▶️ Context Clues - "The New Girl"

▶️ Context Clues - "The Test"

▶️ Context Clues - "What Could Have Been"



CONTEXT CLUES is an important skill that students must master in order to improve and enhance their comprehension of texts. When coming across an unknown word, a student can use other words in the text that are usually in the same sentence or nearby sentences that provide clues to the meaning of the unfamiliar word. This skill is especially important for students to apply not only on state exams, but to any text or reading they come across.

This Context Clues Bundle provides a variety of fun opportunities for students to learn how to use context clues to determine the meanings of unknown words as they read.


The bundle includes an in-depth step-by-step lesson plan that carefully guides teachers in showing students “HOW TO” both identify and use different context clues types to figure out the meaning of unknown words. The bundle also includes Reading Passages, PowerPoints, Practice Worksheets, Fun Activities, Task Cards, Assessments, Posters, ANSWER KEYS, and more!


This resource focuses on the following five Context Clues types:


✨ Definition clues

✨ Synonym clues

✨ Antonym clues

✨ Example clues

✨ Inference clues


All PowerPoints, Worksheets, and Posters are visually appealing as they include a variety of fun and realistic graphics, borders, and background paper. Students will be attentive and engaged throughout the entire learning experience!


The PowerPoints cannot be edited due to copyright requirements made by contributing font and clip art artists.



Created by © Queen's Educational Resources / All Rights Reserved

Your purchase includes one copy to be used in a single classroom. If you are looking for multiple copies, please be sure to purchase additional licenses.



Please feel free to email me if you have any questions!

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