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Internal Conflicts Reading Passages, Activities, and Worksheets, Coping Skills

Internal Conflicts Reading Passages, Activities, and Worksheets, Coping Skills



Internal Conflict Reading Passages and Activity Packet

★ Includes 5 Products

★ 161 pages

★ Resource Type – Reading Passages, Activity Worksheets, KEYS

★ Print and Digital 

★ Excellent for Grades 8-12

★ Google Slide Links

★ Detailed KEYS



EACH Product Includes the Following:

 1 Reading Passage (See summaries below)

☆ Vocabulary Worksheets

★ Vocabulary Words already defined

★ Students write definitions of unfamiliar words

☆ 2 Note-taking Worksheets (2 variations)

☆ Question Worksheet (Consists on 5 Questions on ONE page)

 5 Question Worksheets (One question on EACH worksheet)

☆ 1 Anticipation Guide

☆ VARIETY of Activity Worksheets (to complete before and after reading the passages)

☆ DETAILED Answer Keys / Sample Responses

☆ Google Slide Link


This bundle contains five passages exploring a range of internal conflict narratives. The passages place emphasis on mental health and provide insight into common sources of inner turmoil for high school students. Through five extended answer questions, students will assess the impact of everyday interactions, upbringing and societal pressures on the thoughts and emotions of young people. Each passage focuses on an individual's experience, allowing students to explore the depth of the narrator’s thoughts and thus enrich the student’s awareness of others. After completing the passages, students will be equipped to better examine their own emotions and understand events that may affect their mindsets.



Students will explore the following topics in this bundle:

⭐ Parental Pressures

⭐ Mental Health

⭐ Growth Mindset

⭐ Social Anxiety

⭐ Coping Skills

⭐ Values

⭐ Self-esteem

⭐ Teen Obesity

⭐ Bullying

⭐ Rejection

⭐ Self-talk

⭐ Procrastination

⭐ Self-Deprecation



Reading Passage Overview/Summaries


❤️ Not Your Usual Prince Charming – This reading passage examines the short story of a young girl experiencing an unhealthy relationship with food. The text explores how the high school social environment influences her perception of her body and self-worth as she pursues her crush. From this passage, students will analyze the detrimental effects that arise from a desire to fit in while also gaining insight into the impact of bullying on young people. TOPICS: Teen Obesity, Self-worth, Self-esteem Issues, and Taunting/Bullying


❤️ The Moment that Lasts Forever – This reading passage examines the short story of a boy grappling with negative beliefs about himself. Having been raised in a wealthy environment, the young boy struggles in the face of high standards and expectations. Through analyzing the narrator's inner turmoil, students will gain an understanding of the effects of self-deprecation on one’s attitude and mental health. TOPICS: Procrastination, Mindsets, Self-Deprecation, Growth and Fixed Mindsets, Low Self-esteem, Mental Health


❤️ A Walking Talking Stereotype – This reading passage examines the short story of a high school girl’s efforts to be noticed by boys, despite being stereotypically ugly. The text explores how the narrator’s perception of her beauty changes as she puts herself out there. Students will assess how the social dynamic between boys and girls can affect an individual and how this can alter the importance the individual places on their beauty. TOPICS: Beauty Standards, Self-Esteem Issues, Rejection, Negative Self-Talk


❤️ The Weight of a Legacy – This reading passage examines the short story of a boy dealing with the pressure of living up to his father’s basketball legacy. Throughout this passage, the narrator deals with his unhealthy relationship with basketball and reflects on how it developed during his upbringing. Students will explore the impact of pressure on young people and gain insight into the power of early experiences on one’s mindset. TOPICS: Parental Pressures, Values, Legacy, Basketball


❤️ My Remedy for Social Anxiety – This reading passage examines the short story of a socially anxious teen as she debates whether or not to attend a party. The text centers on the internal battle between the narrator’s positive mindset and her own anxiety. By following the narrator as she prepares to attend the party, students will learn about the damaging impact of social anxiety and how it can affect an individual. TOPICS: Social Anxiety, Mental Health, Coping Mechanisms, Positive Mindset




✅ One Reading Passage (1.5 pages)

✅ 2 Reading Passage Vocabulary Sheets


★ Variation #1 - Vocabulary Words already defined. This worksheets includes the definitions of Vocabulary Words in the reading passage. This can be used to differentiate for students. 


★ Variation #2 - Vocabulary Words are NOT defined. There will be a list of vocabulary words from the passage listed on the worksheets. Students will define words they do not know the meaning of.


✅ 2 Note-taking Worksheets

✅ Question Worksheet (Consists on 5 Questions on ONE page)

✅ 5 Question Worksheets (One question on EACH worksheet)

There is ONE worksheet that includes 5 questions related to the reading. You can have students complete all five questions on one page, or you can have students complete one question at a time. The same 5 questions are also included on separate worksheets for a more detailed response. 


☆ DETAILED Answer Keys 


✅ Anticipation Guide

The Anticipation Guide includes statements and ideas related to the topic/themes of the reading passages. Students respond to several statements that challenge or support their preconceived ideas about key concepts as well as their peers’ ideas. 

✅ VARIETY OF Activity Worksheets (to complete before and after reading the passage)



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Your purchase includes one copy to be used in a single classroom. If you are looking for multiple copies, please be sure to purchase additional licenses.


Please feel free to email me if you have any questions!


    Due to the nature of this digital product, it is not eligible for any refunds. All sales are final.

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