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Literary Analysis Graphic Organizer Bundle | Critical Thinking

Literary Analysis Graphic Organizer Bundle | Critical Thinking


Literary Analysis Graphic Organizers


LITERARY ANALYSIS Graphic Organizers and PowerPoint Slides that can be used with ANY text (contains FUN clipart and fonts)



☆ Includes Products

☆ 114 pages (Print and PowerPoint Slides)

☆ 57 Graphic Organizer Worksheets (Print and Digital)

☆ 57 Graphic Organizer PowerPoint Slides (PowerPoint and Digital)

☆ Print, PowerPoint, and Digital

☆ 14 Google Slide Links (14 Digital Sets)

☆ Suitable for ANY Text and Grade

☆ FUN Clipart Graphics, Fonts, and Borders

☆ Uneditable (Uneditable due to copyright purposes)


This Literary Analysis Graphic Organizer Bundle includes:

▶️ Conflict 

▶️ Imagery

▶️ Mood 

▶️ Plot 

▶️ Setting 

▶️ Theme 

▶️ Tone 



This bundle is also included in Google Slides! Text boxes have already been created to make it easier for you and your students! Each worksheet slide includes two instruction solution tabs for when students accidentally delete text boxes and when they want to zoom in (to enlarge worksheets). It's super helpful for students who are not that familiar with how to use Google Slides or need the extra assistance.


EACH set comes in the following variations:


TWO DIGITAL VERSIONS (Google Slides / Text Boxes Already Created!)

★ PowerPoint Slides Form Graphic Organizers

★ Worksheet Form Graphic Organizers

(Both versions have the same exact content.)


EACH set comes in the following variations:

★ Print / PDF versions

★ PowerPoint Slide versions

★ 2 Digital Versions - PowerPoint Google Slides and Worksheet Google Slides





✅ This Literary Analysis Graphic Organizer Worksheet and PowerPoint BUNDLE focuses on the following literary elements: Conflict, Imagery, Mood, Plot, Setting, Tone, and Mood.


✅ This is the ultimate bundle of Literary Analysis Graphic Organizers for examining and enhancing comprehension of literary devices in any novel or short story. These literature graphic organizers also work for literature circles. They can be used during reading or after reading stories, novels, or short stories.


✅ These graphic organizers vary in difficulty, which provides options for differentiation. They can be mixed and matched for an increase of difficulty. These graphic organizers can help students organize their thoughts when thinking about tone.


✅ These graphic organizers and activities will engage students and provide ample opportunities for understanding the deeper parts of literature. They can be used used to set a "purpose for reading," formative assessments, assessments, assignments, review, or conversation starters.


✅ Lesson plans are not included. These graphic organizers can be used in addition to your own lesson plans and in such a way that best meets the needs of your students.



Created by © Queen's Educational Resources / All Rights Reserved

Your purchase includes one copy to be used in a single classroom. If you are looking for multiple copies, please be sure to purchase additional licenses.



Please feel free to email me if you have any questions!

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