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Procrastination Activity Worksheets, Procrastinate, Overcoming Procrastination

Procrastination Activity Worksheets, Procrastinate, Overcoming Procrastination


Procrastination Activity Worksheets, Procrastinate, Overcoming Procrastination



★ Topic - Procrastination

★ 70 pages

★ Resource Type – Activity Worksheets, Reading Passages, and Answer Keys

★ Print and Digital (PDF and Google Slides - Text boxes already created!)

★ Excellent for Grades 8-12

★ 3 Google Slide Links

★ Detailed Answer Keys / Sample Responses


This resource includes:

☆ 20 Procrastination Activity Worksheets w/ KEYS

 Reading Passages

☆ 2 Vocabulary Worksheets (2 variations)

★ Vocabulary Words already defined (for EACH Reading Passage)

★ Students write definitions of unfamiliar words

☆ 2 Note-taking Worksheets (2 variations)

☆ Question Worksheet (Consists on 5 Questions on ONE page / for EACH Reading Passage)

 5 Question Worksheets (One question on EACH worksheet / for EACH Reading Passage)

☆ DETAILED Answer Keys / Sample Responses



Procrastination means to intentionally or unnecessarily postpone, delay, or avoid decisions, actions, or the completion of tasks. It is the avoidance of tasks that need to be done. Many teens are procrastinators and consistently put off tasks. There are many reasons why teens procrastinate. Some teens have trouble accurately estimating how much time something will take to complete a task and think that they’ll have more time to get it done than they actually do and put it off until they can’t anymore. Another reason why some teens procrastinate is because it’s difficult for them to manage the stress, anxiety, or even boredom they anticipate feeling. As a result, they put off starting tasks.


These Procrastination Activity Worksheets and Reading Passages explore the negative effects of procrastination as well as strategies that can be used to help avoid and/or overcome procrastination.




▶️ 20 Procrastination Activity Worksheets

The resource includes 20 Procrastination Worksheets encouraging students to consider procrastination in their own lives and how to overcome it. These worksheets are complemented with model answers that students can reference and draw ideas from.


Activity Worksheet Topics:

⭐ Anticipation Guide (2 variations)

⭐ Anticipation Guide Thought Extension and Connections

⭐ Understanding Procrastination

⭐ Overcoming Procrastination

⭐ 2 Procrastination Scenario Worksheets

⭐ Procrastination Causes and Solutions

⭐ MY Procrastination Causes and Solutions

⭐ Defeating Procrastination Excuses

⭐ Procrastination - TRUE or FALSE?

⭐ Procrastination Root Causes and Solutions

⭐ Prioritizing Tasks

⭐ Seeking Help

⭐ Starting New Habits

⭐ Giving Advice

⭐ Facing Your Fears

⭐ Internal vs. External Factors of Procrastination

⭐ Procrastination and Motivation (Determining what motivates you to overcome procrastination)

⭐ What Will Help You? (overcome procrastination)

⭐ DETAILED Answer Keys/Sample Responses



This resource contains two contrasting passages exploring the differing approaches taken by two students to the same English assignment. The texts place emphasis on how the extent of a student’s procrastination can influence the outcome of an assignment, while also demonstrating how strategies can be employed to combat procrastination. Each passage comes with five extended answer questions and an answer key, where the themes in the passages are further analyzed.


❤️ Reading Passage #1: "Future Me’s Problem"

This reading passage examines the short story of a girl procrastinating on an English assignment. The text explores how putting off tasks until the last minute can affect stress levels and the quality of the completed work. By examining the sources of the narrator’s procrastination and her mindset, students will gain an understanding of the negative effects of procrastination on teens.


❤️ Reading Passage #2: "My Saving Grace"

This reading passage examines the short story of a boy as he uses a plan to avoid procrastinating on an English assignment. Throughout the passage, the narrator details a range of strategies he employs to complete the assignment, showing the effects of these strategies on both the project itself and his mindset. Students will evaluate the narrator’s healthy approach to the project and learn about the benefits of his methodology.


EACH Passage Packet includes the following items:


▶️ 2 Reading Passage Vocabulary Sheets


★ Variation #1 - Vocabulary Words already defined. This worksheets includes the definitions of Vocabulary Words in the reading passage. This can be used to differentiate for students. You can give students this worksheet to refer to vocabulary words they do not know the meaning of to enhance their comprehension of the reading passage.


★ Variation #2 - Vocabulary Words are NOT defined. There will be a list of vocabulary words from the passage listed on the worksheets. Students will define words they do not know the meaning of.


▶️ 2 Note-taking Worksheets

There are 2 Note-taking Worksheets to choose from. They are visually appealing! They can be distributed to students to take important notes during class discussions or during their reading of the passage.


▶️ Question Worksheet (Consists on 5 Questions on ONE page)


▶️ 5 Question Worksheets (One question on EACH worksheet)

There is ONE worksheet that includes 5 questions related to the reading. You can have students complete all five questions on one page, or you can have students complete one question at a time. The same 5 questions are also included on separate worksheets for a more detailed response. (One question per worksheet!)


▶️ DETAILED Answer Keys / Sample Responses



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