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Self-Advocacy Bundle

Self-Advocacy Bundle


Self-Advocacy Lesson and Activities | Communication Skills | Scenarios | Advocate



★ Topic - Self-Advocacy | Communication Skills

★ Lesson Plan, Reading Passage, Activities, Scenarios, and Questions, 

★ Includes 5 Products

★ 348 pages

★ Print and Digital (PDF and Google Slides - Text Boxes Already Created!)

★ Excellent for Grades 8-12

★ Google Slide Links for ALL products

★ Detailed Answer Keys | Sample Responses

★ Everything is Print and Digital


Products included in this Self-Advocacy Bundle:


❤️ Self-Advocacy Lesson and PowerPoint Packet

★ 7-page Uneditable Step-by-Step Lesson Plan

★ Editable Hard-copy Lesson Plan

★ POWERPOINT Presentation (44 PowerPoint Slides Uneditable)

★ 2 Blank PowerPoint Slides (You generate your own content)

★ Self-Advocacy Anticipation Guide Worksheet (2 variations)

★ 3 Quick Write Worksheets (and Sample Responses)

★ Self-Advocacy Word Web Worksheet (2 Variations l KEYS)

★ 2 Self-Advocacy Benefits Worksheets (and KEYS)

★ Self-Awareness: Strengths and Weaknesses Worksheet (and KEYS)

★ 2 Role-Playing Reflection Worksheets (for after role-playing performances)

★ Scenario Worksheet w/ Q's: Peer Pressure Dilemma (and KEYS)

★ Scenario Worksheet w/ Q's: Navigating Priorities (and KEYS)

★ Breaking Barriers: Empowering Self-Advocacy Worksheet (variations | KEYS)

★ 2 Writing Assessment Worksheets

★ 2 Assessment Rubrics (in 2 variations)

★ 11 Self-Advocacy Scenarios

★ Confidence Scenario PowerPoint (8 slides)

 Effective Communication Scenario PowerPoint (11 slides)

★ 5 Google Slide Links

★ Answer Keys | Sample Responses


❤️Self-Advocacy Activity Worksheets

★ 33 Self-Advocacy Activity Worksheets

★ Answer Keys | Sample Responses

★ Google Slide Link


❤️ Self-Advocacy Scenarios

★ 24 Colored Scenario Task Cards with and without Questions

★ 24 B&W Scenario Task Cards with and without Questions

★ 24 Scenario Worksheets with and without Questions

★ 2 Lists of 24 Scenarios with and without Questions (Easy Access for Teachers | 3 pages)

★ 2 Google Slide Links (for Scenario Worksheets)


❤️ Self-Advocacy Questions

★ 36 Self-Advocay Questions (Colored Task Cards)

★ 36 Self-Advocacy Questions (B&W Task Cards)

★ 36 Self-Advocacy Questions Worksheets

★ List of Questions (Easy Access for Teachers | 2 pages)

★ Google Slide Link


❤️ Self-Advocacy Reading Passage and Activities

 One Reading Passage (Title - "Senior Skip Day Dilemma")

☆ 2 Vocabulary Worksheets (2 variations)

★ Vocabulary Words already defined

★ Students write definitions of unfamiliar words

☆ 2 Note-taking Worksheets (2 variations)

☆ Question Worksheet (Consists on 5 Questions on ONE page)

 5 Question Worksheets (One question on EACH worksheet)

☆ 9 Activity Worksheets (to complete before and after reading the passage | Some activites come in two variations to support differentiation!)

☆ DETAILED Answer Keys | Sample Responses


Click on individual product descriptions for full product descriptions!


Self-Advocacy | Communication Skills


Empower your students with the essential skills and knowledge to prioritize self-advocacy in their daily lives. Through engaging lessons, activities, scenarios, and questions, students will learn to confidently voice their needs, make informed decisions, and advocate for themselves in various contexts, preparing them for success in school and beyond.


In today's world, many teenagers face various challenges that require them to advocate for themselves. It's crucial for them to develop the skill of recognizing when to stand up for themselves and when to let things go. They should also learn how to assert their needs and boundaries effectively in different situations. Additionally, acquiring healthy coping mechanisms for dealing with conflicts and challenges can greatly benefit them.


This bundle provides opportunities for students to apply self-advocacy skills through a variety of tasks, including collaborative activities and role-playing aimed at empowering them to speak up for themselves and advocate for their needs.


These Self-Advocacy resources provide students the opportunity to learn and practice:

✅ how to advocate for themselves effectively

✅ how to navigate and resolve conflicts constructively.

✅ recognizing their own needs and boundaries

✅ developing assertiveness and effective communication skills

✅ building confidence in advocating for themselves

✅ learning to navigate conflicts and challenges responsibly

✅ acquiring problem-solving and decision-making abilities

✅ enhancing resilience and self-awareness

✅ understanding the importance of seeking support when needed

✅ cultivating empathy and understanding towards others' perspectives

✅ preparing for real-life situations where self-advocacy is essential


Detailed Answer Keys are provided with activity worksheets to enhance the learning process for students and simplify your teaching efforts, ultimately saving you time.

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