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Social Boundaries and Personal Space Activities and Scenarios

Social Boundaries and Personal Space Activities and Scenarios


Social Boundaries and Personal Space Activities and Scenarios


About This Bundle

★ Social Boundaries and Personal Space

★ 3 Products

★ 416 pages

★ Print and Digital (PDF and Google Slides)

★ Suitable for Mature 8th graders - 12th grade students

★ Social Emotional Learning | Life Skills

★ Total of Google Slide Links

★ Files are completely organized!

★ Sample Responses | Answer Keys included for Activity Worksheets!


This Bundle includes 3 Products

★ Social Boundaries Activity Worksheets

★ Social Boundaries SCENARIOS

★ Social Boundaries Writing/Discussion QUESTIONS


☆☆☆ Social Boundaries and Personal Space Activity Worksheets

This resource includes:

★ 38 Social Boundaries and Personal Space Activity Worksheets

★ Detailed Sample Responses

★ Google Slides link


☆☆☆ Social Boundaries and Personal Space SCENARIOS

This resource includes 2 folders:


❤️ Folder #1 - Items with Questions

★ 72 Rainbow Scenario Task Cards with Questions

★ 72 B&W Scenario Task Cards with Questions

★ 72 Scenario Worksheets with Questions

★ List of Scenarios  (with Q's Easy Access for Teachers | 8 pages)

★ Google Slide Link (for Scenario Worksheets with Questions)


❤️ Folder #2 - Items without Questions

★ 72 Rainbow Scenario Task Cards without Questions

★ 72 B&W Scenario Task Cards without Questions

★ 72 Scenario Worksheets without Questions

★ List of Scenarios  (without Q's Easy Access for Teachers | 8 pages)

★ Google Slide Link (for Scenario Worksheets without Questions)


☆☆☆ Social Boundaries and Personal Space Writing | Discussion QUESTIONS

This resource includes:

★ 72 Blue Boundaries-related Question Task Cards

★ 72 B&W Boundaries-related Question Task Cards

★ 72 Boundaries-related Question Worksheets

★ List of Questions (Easy access for teachers / 3.5 pages)

★ Google Slides Link


Boundaries are guidelines, rules, or limits that separates your physical space, feelings, and needs from others. Social boundaries represent physical and emotional limits that you don’t want people to cross. They identify a safe and permissible way for other people to behave towards you. Being able to set and respect boundaries is a crucial part of self-care and personal development that will serve your students well throughout their entire lives. Teaching boundaries and personal space to your students is essential in helping them reach and maintain successful personal relationships, increase self-esteem and awareness, and take responsibility for creating a life that they choose versus one they are simply at the will of others.


This resource includes 38 engaging, interactive, and pertinent activities designed to assist students in comprehending and applying the concept of setting boundaries for themselves and respecting those of others.


The activities and scenarios cover a range of topics, including:


✅ Establishing and cultivating healthy personal and social boundaries

✅ Demonstrating respect for others' boundaries

✅ Handling challenging social scenarios adeptly

✅ Expressing personal emotions and communicating boundaries in a respectful manner

✅ Identifying and responding to instances where boundaries are encroached upon, disregarded, or breached

✅ Generating ideas for resolving boundary-related issues and conflicts

✅ Advocating against unwelcome behaviors


Some scenarios within the activities are suitable for role-playing, offering students the opportunity to practice advocating for themselves and effectively expressing their boundaries by using their words to assertively say "No." These hypothetical scenarios encourage students to explore potential solutions for establishing boundaries through various exercises, including using "I statements," asserting "No" in a respectful yet firm manner, and employing appropriate gestures or nonverbal cues to communicate discomfort or rejection of unwanted behaviors.


This resource includes both print and digital versions (with text boxes already created)! You can assign activities to students in person or remotely – either way works!


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