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Social Media Drama Reading Passages and Activity Worksheets BUNDLE

Social Media Drama Reading Passages and Activity Worksheets BUNDLE



★ Social Media Drama Reading Passages and Activity Packets

★ Includes 5 Products

★ 117 pages

★ Resource Type – Reading Passages, Activity Worksheets, and Answer Keys

★ Print and Digital (PDF and Google Slides - Text boxes already created!)

★ Excellent for Grades 8-12

★ Google Slide Links

★ Detailed Answer Keys / Sample Responses


EACH Product Includes the Following:

 1 Reading Passage (See summaries below)

☆ Vocabulary Worksheets

★ Vocabulary Words already defined

★ Students write definitions of unfamiliar words

☆ 2 Note-taking Worksheets (2 variations)

☆ Question Worksheet (Consists on 5 Questions on ONE page)

 5 Question Worksheets (One question on EACH worksheet)

☆ 5 Activity Worksheets (to complete before and after reading the passages)

☆ DETAILED Answer Keys / Sample Responses

 Google Slide Link


This Social Media Drama Reading Passage and Activity Packet Bundle contains five passages exploring social media problems and the influence social media has on teen life. Each passage is accompanied by five extended answer questions, a variety of activity worksheets, along with detailed answer keys for reference. Through these exercises, students will analyze the nature of social media and study how social media impacts the characters’ emotional states and motivations. The narratives and activities focus on different themes, allowing students to fully examine, analyze, evaluate, and understand the role social media plays in the everyday interactions and experiences of young people as well as its impact on their own lives.



Topics students will explore in this bundle:

⭐ Social Media Drama

⭐ Addiction to Social Media

⭐ Relationships

⭐ Rumors and Gossip

⭐ Peer Pressure

⭐ Values

⭐ Bullying

⭐ Poor Decision-making

⭐ Revenge


⭐ Insecurity

⭐ Mental Health

⭐ Beauty Standards

⭐ Betrayal

⭐ Emotional Turmoil



Reading Passage Overview/Summaries


❤️ "Social Media Army"

This reading passage examines the short story of a boy who becomes involved in a fight with a classmate. The text explores the reaction of the other students to the fight and the resulting social media fallout. By following the narrator’s emotional journey, students will understand the effects of being the center of attention on social media.


❤️ "Damage"

This reading passage examines the short story of a boy’s emotional turmoil as he learns his girlfriend is a lesbian. The text explores the effects of exposing someone else’s sexual orientation online, both on the person exposing the information and on the person whose information is being exposed. Students will learn of the power social media can give a person and the dangers that may arise from the accessible nature of social media.


❤️ "The Power of Gossip"

This reading passage examines the short story of the formation and spread of a piece of gossip. It follows many characters and their role in propagating the gossip, as well as exploring the ways the gossip affects them. From this passage, students will analyze the true nature of gossip and also the part social media plays in spreading rumors.


❤️ "The Tik Tok Puppet"

This reading passage examines the short story of a girl pressured to participate in the latest TikTok trend. The text explores the important role TikTok plays in teen life and the realities of spending too much time on TikTok. Students will learn of the detrimental effects of peer pressure and will examine how social media influences in-person interactions.


❤️ "A Ticking Time Bomb"

This reading passage examines the short story of a teenager posting a photo to Instagram. The text provides an insight into her inner monologue and emotional state as the pressure to get likes and comments mounts. Students will examine the authenticity of social media posts and the importance of social media in teen life.



✅ One Reading Passage (1.5 pages)

✅ 2 Reading Passage Vocabulary Sheets


★ Variation #1 - Vocabulary Words already defined. This worksheets includes the definitions of Vocabulary Words in the reading passage. This can be used to differentiate for students. You can give students this worksheet to refer to vocabulary words they do not know the meaning of to enhance their comprehension of the reading passage.

★ Variation #2 - Vocabulary Words are NOT defined. There will be a list of vocabulary words from the passage listed on the worksheets. Students will define words they do not know the meaning of.


✅ 2 Note-taking Worksheets

There are 2 Note-taking Worksheets to choose from. They are visually appealing! They can be distributed to students to take important notes during class discussions or during their reading of the passage.


✅ Question Worksheet (Consists on 5 Questions on ONE page)


✅ 5 Question Worksheets (One question on EACH worksheet)

There is ONE worksheet that includes 5 questions related to the reading. You can have students complete all five questions on one page, or you can have students complete one question at a time. The same 5 questions are also included on separate worksheets for a more detailed response.




✅ Anticipation Guide

The Anticipation Guide includes statements and ideas related to the topic/themes of the reading passage. Anticipation guides are excellent tools that can be used before reading to activate students' prior knowledge and build curiosity about a new topic and/or to share ideas about key concepts. Students respond to several statements that challenge or support their preconceived ideas about key concepts as well as their peers’ ideas. The Anticipation Guides can help structure meaningful conversations that reviews what students already know and engages them in critical thinking about the topic they will be exploring. 


✅ VARIETY OF Activity Worksheets (to complete before and after reading the passage)



Created by © Queen's Educational Resources / All Rights Reserved

Your purchase includes one copy to be used in a single classroom. If you are looking for multiple copies, please be sure to purchase additional licenses.


Please feel free to email me if you have any questions!


    Due to the nature of this digital product, it is not eligible for any refunds. All sales are final.

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