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Conflict Resolution Situation Cards | Conflict Resolution Worksheets | Conflict

Conflict Resolution Situation Cards | Conflict Resolution Worksheets | Conflict



★ Topic – Teen Issues / Social Problems

★ 192 pages

★ Features 60 Scenarios related to Teen Issues and Social Problems

★ Resource Type – Task Cards and Worksheets

★ Print and Digital (PDF and Google Slides - Text boxes already created!)

★ Excellent for High School Students

★ 2 Google Slide Links


This resource includes:

☆ 60 Rainbow Scenario Task Cards WITH and WITHOUT Questions

☆ 60 B&W Scenario Task Cards WITH and WITHOUT Questions

☆ 60 Scenario Worksheets WITH Questions

☆ 60 Scenario Worksheets WITHOUT Questions

☆ List of 60 Scenarios  (Easy access for teachers / 6 pages)

☆ 2 Google Slide Links

★ Scenario Worksheets WITH Questions

★ Scenario Worksheets WITHOUT Questions


Teens today face an array of challenges. In their day-to-day life they have to navigate difficult and sometimes complex interactions with others. Our students are learning how to make constructive decisions about important and impactful life events. It is possible that our students may be dealing with demanding situations at home, school, and their neighborhoods. Perhaps they are facing new problems with friends. They may be finding their growing responsibilities overwhelming. In some cases, our middle and high school students may feel alone in making decisions that will influence the rest of their lives.


As teachers, we have a unique opportunity to present our students with relatable hypothetical scenarios that may feel very real and relevant to them. These Scenario Task Cards allow educators to suggest possible situations that may occur in their lives. Importantly, this resource also makes space for students to empathize with people that may be experiencing something different to them. By having mature discussions around key social and emotional topics, we open communication and build connections as a school community. We want our students to feel supported in a classroom where they belong. This resource can help you to build this sense of community while allowing for challenging topics to be discussed.


Discussing these scenarios and using them to brainstorm effective ways to navigate conflicts and other difficult situations can help your students make wise, responsible decisions when and if they are later confronted with similar situations.


This resource includes 60 real-life, relevant scenarios related to the following topics:

⭐ Working a job and family financial pressure

⭐ Decision making around being sexually active

⭐ Bullying and Cyber bullying

⭐ Dealing with humiliation and insecurities

⭐ Family and partner violence

⭐ Handling gossip and derogatory language

⭐ Dealing with discrimination based on sexual identity

⭐ Handling racist insults

⭐ Standing up for others and your beliefs in social settings

⭐ Dealing with false rumors about yourself or others

⭐ Considering how your actions impact on others

⭐ Personal responsibility

⭐ Responding to others you know via social media in appropriate ways

⭐ Social media use, drama, and its impact

⭐ Not having enough food or money for lunch at school

⭐ Peer pressure and decision making around alcohol and drugs

⭐ Peer pressure and weapon possession

⭐ Body image / Insecurities / Self-esteem issues

⭐ Social Anxiety

⭐ Romantic relationships drama

⭐ Sexting

⭐ LGBTQ+ themes and challenges for individuals

⭐ Vaping / Alcohol Use





✅ Task Cards - RAINBOW and B&W

✅ 60 Teen Issues Scenario Task Cards with and without questions unique to that scenario.

✅ Also included are the same scenarios without questions, so you can generate your OWN questions and activities for the scenarios!


Task Card Variations Included:

  • 60 RAINBOW Task Cards with Q's
  • 60 RAINBOW Task Cards without Q's
  • 60 B&W Task Cards with Q's
  • 60 B&W Task Cards without Q's


✅ You can use the Task Cards WITHOUT Questions to generate your OWN questions and activities for the scenarios! You may even use these scenarios for other purposes including engaging students in practicing setting and communicating social boundaries, saying NO, navigating peer pressure, effective communication, responsible decision-making, having brave conversations, etc.




▶️ SCENARIO WORKSHEETS (Print and Digital)

This resource includes 60 Scenario Worksheets in 2 variations (with and without questions) totaling 120 Scenario Worksheets. 


✅ Scenario Worksheets WITH Questions

This resource includes 60 Teen Issues / Social Problems Scenario WORKSHEETS with lines and a question (or two), so students can write their responses. 


✅ Scenario Worksheets WITHOUT Questions

This resource also includes 60 Teen Issues / Social Problems Scenario WORKSHEETS with lines and NO question, so students can write the question you assign them as well as their responses. There is space for you to generate your own question or prompt for students to answer. You may also generate and type in your OWN question in Google Slides before sharing the document or slides with students to answer. Students can answer the questions about the scenarios either on paper or digitally! 



▶️ List of Scenarios (Easy Access for Teachers – 6 pages)

Also included is a 6 page complete LIST OF SCENARIOS to allow easier access for teachers to read and select scenarios to work with. 



Created by © Queen's Educational Resources / All Rights Reserved

Your purchase includes one copy to be used in a single classroom. If you are looking for multiple copies, please be sure to purchase additional licenses.



Please feel free to email me if you have any questions!


    Due to the nature of this digital product, it is not eligible for any refunds. All sales are final.

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